2 .請假需上課時通知,事假可改約另一天或分堂加時。廿四小時內請假需提供醫生紙証明,方能改期或補課。上課前三小時內通知視作缺課,不作補堂。

  1. 每年舉行之學生音樂會,每位表演者表演5分鐘起,家人朋友歡迎到來支持。表演者和觀眾將另外收費,可自由參與。
  2. 上課及音樂會的教材、録影片段、相片和錄音之版權屬MissTangMusic/創思音樂公司所有,可用作教育或宣傳商業用途,如有反對,可書面通知.MissTangMusic. 與此同時,Miss Tang 可錄影上課片段給家長,作練習或紀念用途,絕無附加費。


  1. Tuition fees are due at the end of the last lesson of the preceding month. Prepayment of 4-5 lessons is necessary depends on the weeks of that month.
  2. Leave application should be made during the lesson and can be rearranged on another day or lesson extension. Medical proof is needed for leave application within 24 hours prior to the lesson. Notification within 3 hours prior to the lesson is regarded as no show. That lesson fees is forfeited.
  3. Studio recital is held every year. Students are suggested to perform for 5 minutes. Performing fees and audience tickets will be charged.
  4. All lessons and performance recordings, videos, photography and teaching materials’ copyrights belong to MissTangMusic and CC Music Company and is eligible for publishing for education, marketing and commercial purposes. For objection, please write to MissTangMusic. Meanwhile, Miss Tang could send the recordings to parents for practice purpose without any additional charges.

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