透過試堂見面,為自閉症光譜(Autism Spectrum Disorder,簡稱ASD)學童,從興趣與實際能力選擇1-2種樂器。自閉症人士用視覺學習,我們的課程與教材基於特殊學習需要人士而編製。


Miss Tang 畢業於美國Texas State University 及香港浸會大學完成兩個音樂碩士學位,香港教育大學教育學士,修讀音樂治療有關課程,及於香港演藝學院修讀高級文憑。專教自閉症人士接近20年,採取融合教育Inclusive Education,與一般學生一起參加音樂會,在台分享學音樂的喜悅。除私人學生外,任教多間知名國際學校和特殊學校,如匡智會、加拿大國際CDNIS、Stamford American School、保良局蔡繼有學校。Miss Tang為 GCSE、IGCSE、IB高級文憑音樂課程教師及考官。





每4-6個月參加Joy to Share Recital 演出機會


Weekly One on One Lesson

45 minutes for 1 chosen musical instrument

60 minutes for 2 chosen musical instruments

Piano/ Harp/ Singing/ Drumset/ Percussion/ Glockenspiel/ Xylophone/ Snare Drum

Performing in Joy to Share Recital every 4-6 months

Through our trial lesson, we let students with Autism Spectrum Disorder to choose their favourite musical instruments according to their ability. ASD students learn better through visual resources. Our curriculum and teaching materials designed are based on autistic students’ special needs.

Teacher’s Qualifications:

Miss Tang graduated from Texas State University and Hong Kong Baptist University with Master of Music in Performance and Master of Arts in Music in Piano Pedagogy. She also earned a Bachelor of Education in Music from Education University of Hong Kong and studied a Higher Diploma from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.

She has been teaching students with special needs, Autism and ADHD since 2004. In her studio teaching, she believes in inclusive education that she let SENs and other students to perform together in the studio recital for over 10 years. 

She has taught in a private school the USA after graduation and many elite schools like Canadian International School, Stamford American School, Po Leung Kuk Choy Kai Yau School and Hong Chi Association. She was the Teacher-Examiner of International certification like GCSE, IGCSE, IBDP.




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