今日同大家講GCSE-Music 英國會考音樂科的第7set work—Miles Davis “All Blues” (1959)




以下是整首樂曲的分析, 比堆Keyword 你地研究下啦


Frontline: Trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax

Rhythm Section: piano, drums, bass


Structure: 12-bar blues progression, head by muted trumpet, 4-bar riff

  Intro-Head 1- Solos-Head 2- Coda

Melody: trumpet solo, short motif and syncopated

Alto sax solo quicker notes, wider range

Tenor sax: fast scales, quick runs

Piano: parallel chords


Harmony: modal jazz, Mixolydian mode


Rhythm, Metre and Tempo: 6/4, snare drum with syncopated and swing quavers


Instrumental Techniques: SD with wire brushes, later on sticks, bass by pizzicato, trumpet with Harmon mute, piano with tremolo


這已經是最簡單的分析, 我學左咁多年Jazz 好易明, 希望我d 學生唔好怕左讀jazz .


以下是MTT的學與教Jazz 歷程:



2002年飛到Vancouver 參加Jazz Festival

2004年改編Beethoven sym 做jazz 版, 比同學在音樂會演出

2004年拜師黑人Allan Youngblood jazz

2007飛到jazz 發源地Louisiana酒吧聽jazz

2008飛到jazz 發展地New York jazz

2012GCSE Year 10-11 jazz




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